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50 Year old recipe

Our pork pies are made with the finest ingredients to a 50 year old secret family recipe. We traditionally hand make our pork pies and using the age-old method of hand raising.

Once the hot water pastry is mixed we then weigh, ball and cup the pastry ready for raising.

Each pork pie case is hand raised around a traditional wooden dolly, slowly and evenly working the pastry into a case. The pastry must be the right temperature to do this, too hot and the case will collapse, too cold and the pastry will crack.


Traditional pork filling

The cases are then filled with our traditional pork filling which is mixed with our 50 year old secret family recipe. then the pork pies are lidded and cooled ready for cooking.

The pork pies are then oven cooked before adding what many believe to be the best part of a pork pie... the jelly! The pies are jellied and glazed then ready for either our shop or packaged up for orders.